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Wendy Hensley

Superstar Consultant

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My Story

Many moons ago, I attended a Bridal Expo and was introduced to Scentsy. I loved the smell of candles, but having kids and pets, rarely used them. When I saw the Scentsy display, I instantly knew I had to have it. I've been using it ever since! No flame or smoke, easy clean up and I don't worry about anyone (or any cats) getting burned! I'll admit, I have dipped my fingers in the melted wax for reassurance. There is such a variety of warmers as well! I have quite the collection! There are so many new product lines available as well! I'll be learning about all of these in the next few weeks! Exciting!
I decided to join Scentsy 2 years ago because I truly do love the products! I've been a stay-at-home-mom for 14 years. Both of my sons are in school, full-time now, so I decided it's time to do something for myself. I've loved this journey and continue to spread my love of this wonderful product!

Though my story is exciting, it hasn't been completely written yet. Please come back soon!

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